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Compost Rows
Compost rows
Natural Selection Farms (NSF) a third-generation, predominately organic, family farming operation quaintly nestled on the southern side of Snipes Mountain, we find our security in the productivity and sustainability of our soils; we recycle to preserve and protect our environment, our home, and our livelihood. Biosolids: NSF is a Beneficial Use Facility (BUF) committed to diverting precious nutrients and energy sources away from landfills, and available to soils, and reducing our carbon footprint.  Since 1980, NSF has managed biosolids programs and land application for both municipalities and farmers.  Through our program, biosolids serve as a valuable, accessible, cost effective soil amendment rather than a waste product. Compost: NSF is one the largest permitted compost facilities in Eastern Washington.  We provide drop-off and collection services for most organic products including but not limited to yard trimmings, leaves, fruit pumice, hop residue, untreated wood waste, coffee grinds, food scraps, and grocer produce and pastries.  These recycling programs were originally developed to supply nutrients to our own farm and have expanded to serve growers across Eastern Washington. Oil Seed Crushing: On another front: In 2003, NSF began raising oil seeds on ground fertilized with biosolids.  Oil seeds (canola, soy, etc) can be crushed to produce both vegetable oil for bio-energy production and high protein dairy meal that is otherwise imported into the valley from Canada, so in 2006, NSF built Washington State’s first commercial oil seed crushing facility in Sunnyside, WA.